Stopping illegal immigration:

The state must adhere to federal law concerning immigration. Under President Obama, some 18 or so states were sued and the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal Government has control over immigration. California is in violation of Federal Law.

I do not support the democratically passed law mandating California citizens, tax payers, and voters to buy health insurance so illegals who have entered our country will have free health insurance given to them.

Our Homeless population in the democratically controlled cities has exploded. We should work with our citizens here in our country first before we consider others who are here illegally.

Water: The state has mismanaged our water from what we store from the Sierra and seasonal rain fall. We need more dams.

Our state EPA regulations are out of control.

Here is an example: 2018-2019 water that was released back into the ocean is alarming. The total amount of water was equal to supplying enough water for 280 million citizens for 1 year. The population of California is about 40 million…imagine if the state would consider building more dams to save about 15 to 20 percent of that water, we would not have a water crisis in our state.

Farmers: As a result of the lack of water storage, farmers are forced to pay more for the amount of water they use- acre feet- and restrictions are placed on how much they can use.

If the farmers can’t grow their products, how are we going to have enough food to feed the demand placed on farmers? And worse- the cost of food prices will continue to increase and place a strain on our family budgets.

This cycle needs to stop and is why I support building more dams so we can have more water storage providing the needed amount of water to meet all of the citizens of California.

2nd Amendment
Repelling Background checks on Ammunition:
This is a violation on our 2nd Amendment rights. We will overturn this law.

A person I met at the San Carlos Art and Wine event in November 2019 made an interesting statement to me- She said to the effect that if the democrat’s want to take away our guns and the right to self-defense, it must be due to the fact that they must be planning something so bad that once we find out, we would shoot them.

I fully support the right to bear and keep arms and the 2nd Amendment.
(Updated April 28, 2020- this law was ruled unconstitutional by the 2nd Court of Appeals and is currently on its way to the Supreme Court for final resolution)

Law Enforcement
I fully support our state, county and local police in their service to protect and serve our communities.

The service our law enforcement people bring to our communities is a difficult and thankless job. As we have the opportunity, we should thank them for choosing this profession.

I am amazed to the lack of understanding by people who somehow think that those in law enforcement are nothing more than getting in the way of them being able to express themselves in ruthless form without regard for the consequences that comes from such action. They seem to think that law enforcement people are a burden to them and should be removed.

As I have watched the recklessness and violent destruction of personal and private property caused by these knuckleheads as this plays out on our daily news cycles I can’t help but wonder how far we have fallen from a law abiding people to absolute lawlessness. And the ones who are responsible for restoring law and order are the ones who get accused for using ruthless tactics and force.

I fully support whatever force law enforcement deem necessary to restore order and should not be held liable for any injury caused to an individual in the course of their duties. This is the position I take.

People who act with reckless regard towards individuals or property have not been educated correctly. It appears to me that public education should include some course material that covers directly the possible consequences of one’s right to self-govern and the results that come from the choices and decisions they make. Our education system appears to teach everything but this. We will change it.

Update June 10, 2020:

Watching rioters, looters and anti-Americans citizens burning our cities down, attacking police and innocent people, destroying private and public property, displaying reckless and lawless behavior is not the America I grew up in nor do I believe it is yours.

When people descend to a primal state of exciting it is to this point that all force necessary that the police and military should be used to restore us to a place of peace and safety, and all of us should seriously consider supporting them with all the resources we can offer. The opposite is something I believe we can all agree that we do not want to live under because we are already seeing what it will look like in our great nation. Truly sad.

Making California Business Friendly
Making California Business Friendly: To do this we simply stop changing the regulatory statues so business within our state know what to expect year-over-year and can grow their business with certainty and not uncertainty.

Lowering the Business Tax
California has a flat corporate income tax rate of 8.840% of gross income. The federal corporate income tax, by contrast, has a marginal bracketed corporate income tax. California’s maximum marginal corporate income tax rate is the 9th highest in the United States, directly below Maines 8.930%.

I would reduce the business tax to 0% for the first 3 years, then to 1% for the next 3 years, then 2% for the next 3 years, to a maximum cap of 3.5%. Most states who we are competing with have a business tax rate of 0.0%.

If California is going to be competitive in attracting and keeping business in our state, we are going to need to be aggressive in our taxation.

Stopping Excessive Business Regulations:
Most of the hidden taxes are from regulatory statue passed through the assembly and senate and signed by the Governor. These regulatory statue are paid for by the tax payer and business within our state. Since this is consider a regulatory statue, it does not constitute voter approval or is considered a tax but are referred to as a fee.

Here is where we the tax payer find the excessive tax laid upon our business within our state and this is how they raise taxes upon our business by changing regulatory statue.

Breaking 2/3 Super Majority
Breaking the Super Majority in the State Assembly: There is no one holding the current assembly accountable for what they write or pass. If we don’t break this majority, one day we make wake up and find ourselves taxed so harshly, we will wonder how this happened.