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Will you accept this rose recommendation? Here’s an inside look at the selection process

Our product picks start with extensive reporting and research by our team of experienced journalists. We dig into user reviews, investigate brands, fact check any claims, and submit items for vetting by our Medical Affairs team (read more about our best-in-class medical and expert network here!).

But it doesn’t stop there. We do our best to thoroughly test products whenever possible. Sometimes that means we receive an item for free, and when that’s the case, we never promise coverage or a favorable review in exchange.

And since nothing lasts forever, we’re constantly reevaluating products. If a product or brand is re-evaluated and no longer meets our standards, we’ll remove it from our site. And if we do share something that hasn’t passed our vetting process, we’ll be straight up about why, so you can make an informed decision.

Journalistic integrity, editorial independence, and a solid foundation built on expertise, authority, and trust are at the core of everything we do. Look for content disclaimers and medical review labels on our articles. Unlike a bad ex, we’ve got nothing to hide and we’re always going to be honest with you.

Which brings us to the Greatist ‘Good for You’ seal

For the cream of the crop, we created the Good for You seal of approval. Only the best of the best finds that receive top marks from our vetting team, are beloved by our editors and readers like you, and deliver on value in every way can earn this seal. It’s one more way we’re ensuring only the best products end up in your cart, so you can feel good buying the things that actually make you feel good.